About Us

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

 The Bedford Area Education Foundation began in 2001 when several community members met and committed to develop tangible support for Better Education for our students in Bedford County. As the group grew and agreed on the principles to create a partnership with the community for our schools, we filed for nonprofit status in 2002. Since then, we’ve raised more than $350,000 and provided nearly 400 grants to elevate education in our community for today’s students and educators and tomorrow’s leaders.  


Our Mission

The mission of the Bedford Area Educational Foundation is to support the highest quality public education for students in the County and City of Bedford, Virginia. To accomplish this we will:

  • Develop a strong link between the community and public education

  • Enhance and enrich education beyond our basic obligation to provide good education through public revenue

  • Provide teacher and student educational enrichment grant

Our Principles

The foundation will operate under the following principles:

  • Tangible support for Better Education must be ongoing and self-perpetuating.

  • The Foundation cannot replace the need for public education.

  • The community recognizes the benefits of supporting Better Education for our children.

  • The educational responsibility for the children of our community belongs to all of us.

  • The community recognizes the value of maintaining an atmosphere of respect and support for our teachers.

Our Benefits

The benefits of having an educational foundation in the Bedford area are:

  • The Foundation provides a way for all Bedford area residents to join together to show their support for Better Education

  • Better Education adds support for a strong economic system.

  • Better Education is a source of community pride.

  • By supporting Better Education, we can retain and attract exceptional educators who have access to innovative tools for the classroom.


Board Members:

Debby Allen, Forest

Tim Black, Bedford

John Mack, Big Island

Marsha Melton, Bedford

Rita Otey, Forest

Michele Shaffer, Forest

John Stinnett, Bedford

Donna Templeton, Forest

Wyatt Walton, Bedford


Executive Director:

Donna Dunn, Forest